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Parent to Parent

This page includes frequently asked questions from BES parents to other BES parents as seen on PTB social media pages. Information is subject to change. Visitors are encouraged to check district resources for information.


When is Kindergarten Registration?

A: You should see information coming out in the new year about Kindergarten Registration. Applications usually start in February.


Picture Day/ Photos

When is Picture Day? Why do we have fall and spring pictures?

A: There are two different companies. The fall photos are the formal setting that go in the yearbook. The spring are more informal where you get a different style of pose/backgrounds offered, etc. You get a preview of the photo with the background options for the spring portraits- this isn’t available for the fall (though those can be reordered and shipped home after the fact). Spring photos also don’t have re-takes.

When do we get class photos we ordered/paid for?

A: Class photos are typically delivered after the spring re-takes, closer to the end of the school year.


Class Celebrations

Q: Does my student's class host Halloween, Valentine's or other celebration parties?

A: Reach out to your student's teacher for specific information. Teachers may host or offer different options per class.


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Let's Work Together

Answers expressed within the above content are based on existing known information from fellow parents and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the district, school website or its affiliates.

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